Welcome and Introductions - what is the course about and who are the teachers?

This course is an initial checkpoint to start developing the toolset needed to become not only an entrepreneur but one with a profitable six and seven figure business. This course is not for those who want to start a nonprofit, rather a venture that scales. I think the basepoint is $250,000 after taxes (net), so let's discuss how to get you there and beyond.

Teacher Bio:

Wayne worked for a variety of organizations including the federal government, state government, and private companies in finance, health and operations. He received a bachelor’s in communication and moved to South Beach, Miami after graduation. While in Miami, Wayne became further interested in entrepreneurship as his next passion and started his first business in music management. It was more of a lifestyle business that he did not take seriously; however, attending the Super Bowl Vendors meeting was an eye opener. There were other entrepreneurs and business owners selling products and services to the Super Bowl. 

Wayne wanted to take his next passion seriously and moved back to Maryland to attain his MBA, specializing in entrepreneurship. He started his second business and while he made some more progress, still didn’t turn a profit. After several years, he started The WiseWe Company providing virtual operations support to other fast-growing companies in Software, Health and other industries. The business has been a success and the journey has inspired Wayne to give back to the community. Wayne has been a SCORE Advisor (score.org), Executive in Residence (University of Baltimore), Startup Maryland Coach, Startup Maryland Judge, Attman Business Prize Competition Coach and more.

Wayne was also inspired to introduce the Win@Life Entrepreneurs brand to share free and low-cost resources with aspiring entrepreneurs. The Win@Life brand currently includes a podcast, clothing, training, coaching and other digital products.

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